March 14, 2008

New Site

Well this is a fairly new site and we are just getting off the ground. I still have lots of content to add such as what the site is about. Also I have a lot of great interviews set up with some wonderful photographers that I think are going to be real helpful. So if you stop by thank you but please come back soon to see the site when its finished.

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March 13, 2008

Photography Contracts

Here Are some basic contracts that are in PDF form so you may click on them to open them, you can then download or print them. As time goes on I will add different contracts to this page. Remember its always a good idea to get thinks in writing

Limited Copyright License or Usage Agreement(PDF file)

Independent Contractor Agreement (PDF file)

Wedding Contract (PDF file)

model release (PDF file)

Portrait Contract (PDF file)

Sports Action Contract (PDF file)

March 12, 2008


Here are some of my favorite books. They range from business related to technique based books along with video's. They will be updated as new books come out. I'm not going to put my reviews on them as there are so many reviews out there.

If you click on the title it will take you to amazon were you can read more about the book along with purchase it.


This Page is dedicated to growing resources for my readers. They will be updated as often as needed and I will make a note on the main page when there are updates.

Business sites great website for business they offer free online classes as well.
http://www/ is the premier international trade association for professional photographers.

Photography technique's website dedicated to off camera lighting. one of my favorites nice site were you can post photos for critic's

Photographers James shadle and his son they do great wildlife images and wonderful work shops. I have taken three of them worth every penny! does some amazing work! Lawrence Curtis is a cinematographer/Producer

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