March 13, 2008

Photography Contracts

Here Are some basic contracts that are in PDF form so you may click on them to open them, you can then download or print them. As time goes on I will add different contracts to this page. Remember its always a good idea to get thinks in writing

Limited Copyright License or Usage Agreement(PDF file)

Independent Contractor Agreement (PDF file)

Wedding Contract (PDF file)

model release (PDF file)

Portrait Contract (PDF file)

Sports Action Contract (PDF file)


Tony-Lewis-Photography said...

Like the blog, but a bit confused as you say we can download the pdf files but they open up in a flash viewer and no option to down load. :-(

Vincent said...

if you have adobe reader installed you can just print to PDF

John Johnson said...

Having a contract for every work you do is quite important because with that contract you protect your rights and you have legal grounds to sue if there is any misuse of your work.